Linux for Business

The more affordable approach to great Support. Inexpensive, reliable, and prepared!

What we offer

Instant compatibility

All collaboration services like Samba, Owncloud, XMPP work with other operating systems in your system directly. The Free Linux for the business!

Get to work

We offer an One-Time-Setup for everyone. You do not need to hassle with configuration we do the work. The perfect solution for companies with a system administrator!

Constant Backups

Our distribution comes with some tools (Deja-Dup, rsync) to backup your system! Furthermore customers can get access to Spideroak and use this as a cloud backup.

Everything in a Box

Our customers are provided with Support-Boxes multiple times a year. New updates, documentation, everything for a great system provided in a tiny box!

Verified security

You are the owner of your data! We specialize on local network collaboration. All your data stays in your network! No more security issues!

24/7 Support

Support is everything for us. This is why we build up on it. We have got a solution for all your problems and if not we will find one.

Real Collaboration with a great Desktop Experience

Great Desktop with great tools

Lychee Linux comes with Gnome 3.10 as default desktop environment. Thanks to the tools we include it is really easy and efficient to work with. We have integrated tools like ngrok, xmpp chat, owncloud, Task Rocket, conduit, deja-dup, duplicity, gobby, gparted, (g)rsync, libreoffice, pidgin, planner, snapper, vde and many other tools to complete the experience.

If you have got a recommendations for other software which you think of every business needs just contact us and recommend it to us.

Since Lychee Linux is based on OpenSUSE™ we can rely on a great distribution with a great system.

A Setup fitting your needs and resources

We do not intend Lychee Linux to be a highend product made for big enterprises. It is made for everyone. The size does not matter. You can have big server farms or just some computers which should be connected to each other and have a good collaboration environment.

You have not got enough storage to backup your system? You can order Spideroak's great backup system via our plans page and get all your data backed up secure. Have a look here!

We are open to your ideas. You need a special product or service we can help you there. Just ask us!